Red Lips and A Tee

Paris Tee - Original Finch, white skirt - Velvet

I have never been a make up kind of girl, I have always been a bags or outers (especially blazers) kind of girl but when the red lips trend rose, I was actually interested and started itching to give it a try. I started out very simple (and cheap) with Oriflame Radiant Red but after starting to get used to it, I upgraded my lipstick to YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01 which is so much brighter than the previous one. It feels soft, buttery, and it lasts so much longer than my Oriflame. It's definitely a keeper.

On another note, I've had this tee for a while now and I was going to take it to Paris (read my Paris adventure here) but I decided it would be to cheesy. No? Either way, this tee is comfy and I love the quality! I expected the Paris writing would start to chipping off but no sign of it so far and I wore it for around 5 times already. Don't you just love the use of Eiffel as an A? Again, I have never been a fan of tee. I find them unflattering for my soft upper budy so this one I usually wear to prayer meetings night and layer them with a jacket or a blazer for some structure. But from time to time, I just wear the tee as it is and let the print shine.


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