Key Pieces with Lenovo S850 : #StyleSnapShare

When thinking about what I want to wear the next day, I always pick one or two key pieces that I want to highlight that day. Today is the day for Lenovo S850 in hot pink! I keep everything in neutrals to make sure the pink color pops in screen. Although all items that I wear is in black and white, I make sure it has different textures such as my lace top and a fun print like my polkadot shorts which I just have to match with my polkadot headband. After taking my outfit of the day, I continue by posting it on my blog and media social accounts. So my daily activities are basically #StyleSnapShare. Which also happens to be Lenovo S850 tagline, making this gadget a new favorite in the family.

On Tuesday, me and a bunch of other bloggers was invited to a pre-launching event of their new Lenovo S850. It's THE perfect gadget for fashion conscious people who love to snap their daily activities pictures and of course, outfit of the day #ootd ! I personally love the 5MP front camera which creates sharp beautiful pictures but somehow manages to make our skin appears smooth and spotless without any kind of filter. The main camera on the back is an astonishing 13MP which also takes unbelieveably tack sharp photos. But my favorite part is defintiely the stylish three color options : white, navy, and hot pink. The stylish colors creates a #LenovoStayInStyle atmosphere. Not to mention its fast performance thanks to 1.3GHz Quad processor, no more sluggish waiting time to open an application.

You can have your own S850 soon coming in stores near you! The launching date is set at 22 August so you can expect to scout your nearest gadget store after that date.

Wishing everyone a stylish day!

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