Chinese New Year Home Decor


Hi, everyone.

I just want to share my super simple Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year Home Decor. I never the one to go overboard with Chinese New Year. Mostly because no one visits my house on the day but I do like to decorate a bit so my husband and I can take CNY-ish pics. So here is my humble CNY decoration.

For the TV area, I use a cheap wall sticker that is non-damaging to the wall.
 And a pair of willow pussy vases on both sides of the TV. Simple and festive.

As you can see, I keep it simple and only decorate the living room / our TV area.

Never underestimate the power of changing the pillows on your couch and 
a matching table runner to pair it with. 

I use tiny lanterns and tiny red envelopes to decorate this sakura flower vase; 
which I usually put in the book shelf. 
But for CNY, I move it to the living room area.

I put my DIY paper lantern vase (which you can read by clicking here) on the corner of our stairwell. 

On our door, I also put two hanging fabric lanterns. Which I bought online.
 You can also do a DIY version for your door decoration which you can read here.

I do hope you enjoy this sneak peek to my CNY /LNY decorated home.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


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