Top Engagement Ring Settings for a Minimalist Bride


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If the woman you are planning to spend the rest of your life with loves minimalistic style, then this article was written with you in mind. This very popular trend is simplistic and elegant. Regarding engagement ring settings, here are a few ideal settings for a minimalist diamond engagement ring.

  • Solitaire - Of course, the famous single diamond ring with solitaire setting would make a perfect minimalist engagement ring. If you are looking for unique diamond engagement rings, an online search will help you locate a leading custom jeweller and he can design a stunning single diamond ring that is simple, yet elegant with a lot of sparkle.
  • Three Stone In-Line Diamond Ring - On a thin band of yellow or rose gold, why not have a large central diamond, with a smaller stone on each side. This is a classic setting and one that most women love, especially if they are into the minimalist look. Of course, you do need to find out her ring size and perhaps one of her friends can do this without causing suspicion. If she wears a ring ion the third finger of her right hand, it will be the same size as the other hand. If you borrow a ring that fits and take it to a jeweller, he can measure the ring and you have the size.
  • Pavé Diamonds Set In A Band of Platinum - The bezel setting is ideal if you want a few small 
  • pavé diamonds inserted into the band. This setting is very durable, and the simplistic design is ideal for the girl who likes the minimalist trend. Pink diamonds would be very fitting and rather than looking for such a ring, why not have the ring handcrafted by a custom jeweller? There are so many designs that use small pavé diamonds, which can be set into in a thin band. Whether you choose coloured or clear diamonds, this ring design is stunning and perfect for a girl who likes things to be simplistic.
  • Geometric Settings - If she is into Art Deco, you could have octagonal setting with a single Brilliant Round Cut diamond, which is very original. Consider a unique black diamond and platinum for the band, ideal for the girl who likes to turn heads. Talking to a custom jeweller would certainly give you some design inspiration and it doesn't cost any more to have the ring handmade by a skilled jeweller.
  • Minimal Asscher Cut Diamond - Rose or yellow gold for the thin band, with a single Asscher Cut diamond, which could be coloured. The stone can still in a square bezel, which makes it look larger than it really is. This and many other minimalist engagement ring design can be handcrafted by a skilled custom jeweller and she would be the happiest woman alive.
Image Source : Unsplash

The above are just a few simplistic ring settings that would suit a minimalist bride. By reaching out to a skilled custom jeweller, you can design the perfect minimalist ring for your minimalist bride.


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