Kamar Nenek Bandung


Hi, everyone.
Visited Kamar Nenek Bandung a few days ago. We went on a Monday after lunch so the place was empty except for us and the staff. This place is quite hidden; if you find a house with Frances sign, you are in the right place. To the right side of the main building, there is another building behind it. Go through the plants and you'll find stairs on your right. Kamar Nenek is right above the stairs.

The concept of the place is rather unique. A very oriental decor all over but not quite a Chinese restaurant vibe. Kamar Nenek is translated as Grandma's Room so I guess this is how the interior designer' imagine a grandma room would look like. Personally, I like the unique decor. Very one of a kind in a plethora of modern cafes.

The highlight of this place is the dozens of Maneki neko cat figurine lining up in this area. Asians believe Maneki neko cat figurine will bring luck to the owner so it is no strange sight in a Chinese restaurant to see one maneki neko cat figurine right at the cashier but to see dozens of them is one peculiar sight.

This area is more of Chinoiserie area. 

Something you'd expect to see in a European who loves Chinese culture would have in their house.

Banana Fritters with Chocolate ice cream Rp 40k
We had lunch before we came here so we ordered a dessert. This one is not bad but I would not call it delicious either. Food came out fast enough. Which is good considering the place is empty.

Kamar Nenek Juice Rp 42k
Would def recommend this one! It is very fresh yet there is a bit of creamy-ness to it. 
Great choice to drink on a hot day.

Overall we had a nice time there. 
Despite the confusion of looking for the place; Kamar Nenek is one hidden gem for sure. 

Kamar Nenek
Jalan Cipaganti no. 150, Bandung.
Open everyday from 11AM to 9PM
Reservation +6281312345730


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