Chinese/Lunar New Year Outfit Ideas

Hi, everyone.
With Chinese/Lunar New Year fast approaching, I am sharing with you five Chinese/Lunar New Year outfit ideas. So whether you are celebrating at home or at your grandparents', it is always nice to dress up for the occasion. It just puts you in a celebrating mood. Without further ado, here are some Chinese/Lunar New Year outfit ideas.

First up is a traditional red cheongsam dress. Red is always preferred on Chinese New Year since we believe it is the color of luck and also, fright away the evil spirits. While a qipao is usually more of a fitting dress, an A-line dress creates a more modern feel. The batik print also fits perfectly with the red and the Chines knot button. I complete the outfit with a gold tassel belt.

Second outfit is another red but without the qipao or cheongsam detailing which is great because you can wear it all year long; not just on Chinese New Year. I paired this red peplum top with a pleated midi skirt in black. I love the versatility of a pleated midi skirt. The black color is def a must have. You can pair them with pretty much any kind of top. 

Last outfit is in soft colors. If you're not a fan of red, a peachy soft orange qipao top works too. I paired this flowy blouse with a pair of nude pants for a soft and sophisticated festive look. You can always look Chinese New Year ready without red! Any blouse with Chinese knot button looks festive without the daring red. 

Look four is another look you can wear after Chinese New Year. The branch and the bird print is a classic and will look good for many years to come thanks to the classic kimono silhouette. I paired this top with my usual jeans and nude heels. I also put on my round gold earrings that resembles gold ingot Chinese money to wish for abundance in the next year. Here is the link to my top - CLICK HERE
I am wearing size S-M.

Last outfit is one you can wear to Chinese New Year AND Valentine's Day. Pink is a great option for Chinese New Year because it is basically a sister color to the traditional red. Add some red florals and you look ready for any Chinese New Year festivities. Here is the link to my floral dress - CLICK HERE
I'm wearing an XL but could've sized down to L since it is pretty loose on me without the belt.

I love the tiny butterflies all around the prints. 
They represent spiritual rebirth, change, and hope; so it is perfect to have them on Chinese New Year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully your Chinese New Year preparation will go smoothly. 
Have a great week ahead.


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