Chinese New Year DIY Home Decor Ideas


Hi, everyone.
Chinese New Year is fast approaching and since we are still in a pandemic mode, I'm sure all of us will celebrate only at home. It will be nice to decorate your house for a little bit to get that Chinese New Year atmosphere going. Therefore, without further ado, here are some Chinese New Year DIY home decor ideas.

First up is an angpao (red envelopes) fan. The name pretty much describes itself. It's a fan made out of angpao. I use seven red envelopes just because I like that number, but if you want to go all out, eight is the preferred number in Chinese culture. 

Placed your angpao so it creates a fan shape.

Add flowers for decoration.

Last step is to attach a double knot tassel to your fan.

I think this one is super easy; anyone can do it.
And it looks adorable on your front door to welcome your closest family member.

Second DIY item is a paper lantern vase. For this you will need a paper lantern in the size of your choosing. I use a 40cm red lantern while the smaller one is around 15cm. I chose 40cm since I my flowers are pretty tall (70cm). If you're flowers are 30 or 40cm, you can get away with smaller lantern.

First step is to fill up your base to stick the flowers to. I utilized a used coffee bottle and fill it up with small rocks. You can use sand as well. Next step is to put the bottle inside the lantern. My tip is to put the bottle inside first and then put in the wire.

Then you'll just stick the flowers inside and arrange it as you see fit.

Once you're happy with your arrangement, you can add ornaments. I really do like the tiny lanterns!

Third but surely not the least DIY item is a cherry blossom painting. For a more oriental vibe, choose a round or a hexagonal canvas. My tip is to draw the flowers first and then color the flowers, the frame, and then the branches last. 

And here is the finished painting. I quite like it and even my mother loves it.

I surely feel the Chinese New Year ambience in my house now.

I hope you like this post and have a good day, all.


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