3 Ways to Transform Your Plain Top for Chinese New Year

Hi, everyone.
Chinese New Year is fast approaching and I'm sure you'd want to celebrate with some new outfits. However, you might have no budget for new clothes therefore in this post I want to share with you 3 ways to transform your plain top for Chinese New Year. You might need to save money in this pandemic era so I thought this will be a fun post.

First is the easiest and cheapest. You can just add some qipao knot buttons to your plain top. I do encourage you to choose contrasting color for your top so it's more eye-catching.

Another way you can transform your plain top for Chinese New Year is to attach some oriental pin to it. For this one I choose a fan with some tassel on the bottom. You can also do a lantern one or just the double knot tassel one. I do really like how this turns out. It's simple yet festive.

Last thing I can share with you is to add some embroidery on your plain top for Chinese New Year. For this one I chose dragon embroidery but you can also use phoenix or even koi fishes. Some oranges embroidery can be cute as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and tag me if you actually did one of this tips. I would love to see.
Have a great day, all.


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