No Cheongsam No Qipao Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas


Hi, everyone.
Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year is just around the corner. And while I do love wearing cheongsam/qipao; and I've worn them for every CNY in the past ten years, I'd thought it'll be fun to show you that you can get into the CNY spirit without them. So without further ado, here are no cheongsam no qipao CNY outfit ideas.

First up is a floral dress. I choose red but pink, yellow, fuchsia, and even orange are all good choices. Florals are an important part of Chinese New Year so it's natural to have them on your outfit. 
It shows your spring festival spirit.

Second outfit is an embroidered skirt. Or you can even go with embroidered top. 
Floral embroidery has a very oriental feel to it. 
Therefore I highly recommend to choose a floral pattern. 
Storks and dragons are also popular but it can be a little bit too oriental for some people. 
I personally think floral is the best option since you can wear it all year long.

Also, black for Chinese New Year? Why not? 
Live up your outfit with red tassel earrings and red lipstick.
 A perfect combo that brightens your fave instantly.
For this look I use Colourpop bullet lipstick in Snow White.

Last look is a red suit outfit. Red color is strongly associated with Chinese New Year since we believe this color wards of evil and bad luck. Red is also the color of happiness. And I do think red really brings out your complexion when it's done right. 

A suit has a strong modern feel so I soften this look with an oriental patterned clutch for that splash of Chinese New Year feel.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a good (small) gathering for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. This year you might not get as much as red envelopes or hongbaos as usual but I hope it doesn't dampen your spirit to celebrate.


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