New Year New You

Hi, everyone.
Did you set any new year goals? I'm not exactly one to do New Year resolutions but I do have small goals like increasing the duration of my exercise or visit a new place at least once this year. I think I represent a lot of women when I say I want to get into the best shape I can be this year. 
The first thing you should do is definitely eat healthier, meaning less sugar and less oil! Less calories is the only way to loose weight. Second, focus on weight training to build muscle which will help to shape your body. Third, you can also use slimming bodysuit to help shape the waist even more.

When I was getting married, I did use a waist trainer which is very similar to this FeelinGirl waist trainer; and it really helps shedding stomach fat. My waist undeniably get smaller even though my weight was the same. I highly recommend it! I wore mine for 6 hours per day; sometimes up to 8 hours. Definitely do not wear to sleep or wear it all day. It's not good for your organs.

I also heard good things about neoprene body shaper which you can wear when working out. It can also provides back support if you don't have a strong back. I do have to say, since working out wearing a neoprene body shaper can make you sweat more, you also need to hydrate more! Losing water weight is not ideal, you'd want to loose fat, not water.

For shaping shorts, I use those for important events. I used shaping panties for my wedding day and still  use it when I'm wearing tight-fitting outfit. It's great to keep your stomach looking flat and it adds a little bit of shape on your waist as well. If you're concern about your tight, you can get the shorts version. I own one too but it can be too long when I'm wearing short skirts so I do prefer shaping panties than shorts.

I sure hope this new year you can achieve all your goals. With the right attitude, discipline, and perseverance, nothing is impossible.


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