Recommended Titles from Books I've Read in 2020


Hi, everyone.
I read 14 books last year and one was a re-read so I supposed I only read 13 books. Out of the 14 books, I would most definitely recommend to you these books below. It's a balanced mix of fiction and non-fiction so without further ado, here are recommended titles from books I've read in 2020.

First book is Quiet by Susan Cain. It's a non-fiction book that talks about personality types (introvert and extrovert) but more in a science way. Most of what Susan Cain writes based on some real-life research that sometimes spans throughout several years. 
There are some medical terms that might be a little bit difficult to understand, but nothing Google can't help you. 
I mentioned this book in my Life Changing Books post and I definitely will recommend this book again. It's insightful and definitely changes my perception in terms of understanding myself. Even if you're an extrovert, it might help you to have a better relationship with your introvert friends. Because for me, this book gives a lot of insight why extrovert is the way they are too. So I'd say it's quite a comprehensive read.

Second book is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. This book tells a story about a marsh girl in 1960s named Kya and her journey in life. I absolutely love everything about this book. It's a story of survival, hope, love, loss, loneliness, prejudice, determination, and strength. 
It's a popular book and I had high expectation so I'm happy it lives up to the hype. I enjoy the writing about the marsh and basically everything about mother earth in this book. Its very poetic and you can only truly enjoy it in words (since I've heard a movie about this novel is coming out soon). The protagonist is definitely someone you'll easily root for as well. Not like the confusing Little Fires Everywhere. All in all, a five out of five stars from me!

Third book is 50 Philosophy Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon. I am by no mean a philosopher but I do believe in life, we should have some philosophies that we believe in, kinda of like moral values or even life values. Therefore this book is perfect for a first-time reader like me who's just slightly interested in philosophy but have no real background in it.
The author did a great job at bringing these 50 philosophies to a level of explanation where everyone can understand them. Tom Butler-Bowdon did so in an objective way allowing the reader to decided which makes sense to them and which doesn't. I found this book to be great introduction to philosophy. Worth to read for sure.

Fourth book is The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri. It's a story about a couple; Nuri and his wife Afra, who lived in Aleppo and their story of escape as a refugee. This beautifully written book is heart wrenching but also a story of survival and human resilience. 
Nuri and Afra stories feel real because the author based this book on her time spent in a refugee camp. The story is not about war, but rather the effects of war on the mind and body. I do have to warn you that it's a depressing book, as one might suspect a refugee story is; so I make sure I read it when I have the mental capacity to do so.
However, it's an incredibly moving story and I highly recommend you to read it when you're in a healthy state of mind.

Fifth book is O's Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose. It's a compact book filled with short stories about other people finding their purpose in life. This book is an easy read and quite inspiring as well. I would definitely recommend it for bedtime reading.

Another book worth mentioning is So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. It's a comprehensive read to educate yourself about racial bias and prejudice. each chapter focuses on a lesson/topic. It really make me questions myself : Am I a racist?

I do hope you enjoy this list. Reading is great way to add your knowledge, expand your way of thinking, and prevents cognitive decline as you age. Have a good read, everyone.


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