Thrifted Lately

Hi, everyone.
These post is dedicated to my latest (well, in the past six months or so) thrift finds. It is a very competitive field since there is only one item per style so I don't always get what I want BUT here are three items that I got lucky with. 

One of my favorite! Love the neckline detailing and I can't believe that the white neckline is relatively clean. I did notice on or two small spot but nothing too noticeable. One of the buttons for the bust area was also missing so I did a quick repair for that. Other than that, this polkadot dress is a beauty!

Not my favorite, bought it only because of the color; but really fell for the shiny and soft fabric. It is almost silk-like; I would guess it has some cotton blend but def feels like a silk; so it does have some shine to it. I usually wear this just with a pair of black or brown pants for running errands but I thought the black shorts is not a bad combo.

Another favorite! I guess I'm more in favor with dresses in general. Really do love the autumn-ish flowers prints. This one come in almost pristine condition. Buttons are all attached and zipper worked perfectly. I do like the neckline very much.

Which styling do you prefer?
Blazer or cardigan?
Anyway more about thrifting on my last year post.


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