Prom Dress Tips : Mistakes To Avoid

 The prom is the highlight of the year for all the students and this tradition was born in America in the 1900s and was regarded as the first social event as an adult. It started in colleges and soon worked its way down to high school; students saw this as an opportunity to introduce themselves to the older college kids and over the years, the prom dance grew to become the major social event on the high school student's calendar. 

For the girls, the most important thing is the dress, and with that in mind, here are a few common prom dress fails to avoid at all costs.

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  • Don't Do Dress Shopping In A Group - While it's perfectly natural to want some moral support when choosing your gown, online shopping with friends can quickly turn into a free-for-all. Everyone's got an opinion and they won't be shy too let you know their thoughts on the matter and you could easily end up with a dress that Suzy loves! The best idea is to start with a Google search for online prom dress stores and start copying images that you like. Send a few single trusted friend and base your choice on her response.
  • Ordering Too Late - It's easy to 'umm' and 'aah' and before you know it, the prom date is approaching and you still haven't committed to a dress. Allow 7 days for delivery when buying from a known online designer dress boutique, then you need another few days for a local seamstress to carry out the minor adjustments that are needed to make it a perfect fit.
  • Bra And Pantie Lines - If you're going to wear a tight-fitting slinky number, the last thing you want is ugly underwear lines, so do seek out underwear that doesn't show through. A full dress rehearsal is recommended. If you find it difficult to fit into the dress, consider some serious undergarments, as long as you're comfortable.
  • Overspending - You have to be very disciplined with the money; don't even bother to look at the high end, unless you can drop $10,000 without thinking about it. The online designer dress has stunning prom dresses from top designers such as Sherri Hill and Jovani, to name but a couple, and their creations are realistically affordable (your mom can help). Let's not forget that this dress can be worn on many occasions in the next few years, so it most definitely isn't a single-wear outfit. That said, you don't need to go into debt to find the perfect prom dress!

Image Source : Freepik

Most girls start browsing prom dresses online and sooner or later, discover the perfect dress. then you can move onto accessories and shoes, of course. Listen to your inner self and use friends for some reassurance, we nearly forgot the most important thing of all, the prom is supposed to be a fun thing, so once you've chosen your outfit, let your hair down and don't worry about how you look!



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