Top 3 Cities in Australia For Tourists

Planning a trip down under? Australia boasts loads of cities, towns, and fantastic tourist destinations. It's a big country with plenty to do all over, so part of your job is deciding where to stay. Which city - or cities - are worth your time and will provide you with the best overall experience? Let's take a look. . .

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Over in New South Wales, you'll find the iconic city of Sydney. It's a brilliant place to stay as it gives you everything you need in one place. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are both must-see spots in Australia, and the city itself is always full of life. You'll find no shortage of great hotels at all price points, as well as wonderful restaurants, cafes, and local shops. 

Sydney is also close to two of the best beaches in Australia : Coogee and Bondi, so you've got those to enjoy as well. Just 90 minutes out of the city by car will take you to the Blue Mountains National Park, which hosts many natural wonders that are unique to OZ.

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If you prefer to stay down South, you can set up camp in Melbourne. It's not quite as slick or flashy as Sydney, but there are still many things to do. A lot of people come here for live sports as the city hosts an F1 Grand Prix, a tennis Grand Slam, plenty of cricket and Aussie Rules football. But, the city itself is also full of lovely places to dine and drink, with some boutique hotels to enjoy as well.

What have you got nearby? Well, the Yarra Valley is close by, and Melbourne is also one of the best places to set up shop for the Great Ocean Road tour. If you venture even further out, it's even possible to get to Uluru from here. As mentioned by Emu Run, you can get there via plane, train, or automobile with relative ease.


This final one might surprise a few of you, largely because it's not a  big or well-known city. Those of you with some knowledge of Australia will wonder why Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide haven't made the cut. Put simply, Cairns is better as it puts you right next to many of the natural wonders of the country. We're talking about the Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, and much more.

So many activities can be enjoyed in this city as well, such as scuba diving, fishing, trekking, and much more. It's a much quieter city than the previous two, but you will still find plenty to do with a bustle coffee shop scene and some really well-priced hotels dotted around the place.

If you want to enjoy a proper Australian experience, you've got to set up camp in one of these three cities. Each of them is in prime locations, putting you close to some of the best things to see or do down under. You can stay in one place during your whole trip, or work out a way to visit all three cities, exploring Australia while you do it.


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