Nonna Osteria Progo Bandung


Hi, everyone.
My husband and I went to Nonna Osteria Cafe and Resto located at Jalan Progo Bandung a few weeks ago. This spot used to be Please, Please, Please cafe with their unique pink interior. Now all of the pinks are gone replaced with lots of browns creating a vintage ambience which I do love.
We went there on a Monday and parking was full but inside there were only a few tables filled in. Since the area is quite spacious, we were able to maintain a safe social distancing. 

The front part of their outdoor area.

The backyard outdoor area.

I really do like the vintage/retro vibe of this Nonna Osteria cafe and resto.

Tropicana Juice for Rp 39k. Tastes really good almost like a cold pressed juice!

We also ordered Pepperoni Pizza for Rp 84k. 
This one tastes great too! I love the tomato sauce and they put lots of cheese as well which I absolutely love.

Service was good as well. Food and drinks come out fast enough which is good considering the place wasn't exactly full either. Overall, would definitely recommend but do come at weekdays. I think place can be packed during weekend.

Nonna Osteria
Jl. Progo no. 37, Citarum, Bandung.
Open everyday from 10AM to 10PM
Instagram @nonna.italians


  1. These are lovely designs and interiors


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