Edelweiss Cafe Bandung Review


Hi, everyone.
I visited Edelweiss Cafe a few days ago and want to share with you guys. Edelweiss Cafe is located near Universitas Parahyangan Ciumbeleuit, Bandung. We went there on a Friday around 2PM and the place was almost full. There were only three to four empty tables. We naturally choose to sit on the outdoor area for better circulation. 

Design wise, there's nothing special. I do like the stair seating area, it is pretty unique. Overall it is more on the Scandinavian feel with its white and wood detailing. Which I def prefer than the usual industrial theme.

My husband ordered Korean Mango Milk for 30k and for both of us, it wasn't tasty. Basically fresh milk and mango juice. 

I ordered Hazelnut Donut for Rp 10k which is good. It kinda taste like potato donut; which I do love.

My Hot Taro Latte (Rp 28k) is actually good but it is a bit watery.

Husband ordered Pisang Goreng Butterscoot foe 25k and he likes it but I don't.

Service was actually really good. All the waitress were polite. Food and drinks come out fairly fast. Overall, we did had a nice time. Outdoor seating is kind of windy but I had my jacket on so it actually feels nice. 

Edelweiss Cafe.
Jalan Neglasari Dalam no. 7A, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung.
Open everyday from 10AM to 10PM
IG handle is @edelweisscafe_

Below is Edelweiss Cafe menu.


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