Jenderal Kopi Bandung Review

Hi, everyone.
It has been a minute (thanks to COVID-19) since I did a resto review so without further ado, here is a resto review about Jenderal Kopi Bandung. This place is actually called Jenderal Kopi Nusantara Buwas located at Jalan R.E. Martadinata Bandung but for your convenience, I will refer it just as Jenderal Kopi. 

We went there on a Monday around 1.30 PM so we got a table right away. But for weekend, definitely do a reservation first. Eventho we went on a Monday, there were quite some people filled the tables on the first floor but not to the point of crowded. Altho the outdoor area does look quite packed; so we decided to sit upstairs where there were only one other group there.

This outdoor area was reserved for a group.

All the windows on the second floor were opened wide so don't worry about air circulation. All the staff were wearing their mask the entire time we were there which is also important. We even did a car valet since parking were full and the valet driver spray everything from the steering wheel, the chair, and the door handle using alcohol. I do commend them for that. 

Place itself is very nice. I do love the tall ceiling and the bar is just gorgeous with its exposed bricks.   Their incredibly spacious area is also a big plus for this pandemic era. Service gets 9 out of 10 from me. I deduct one since there weren't seem to be enough staff that we do need to wait a bit long for everything; from ordering to asking for an extra plate.

We ordered a Linguini Pesto with Garlic Chicken for the price of Rp 70.000 and it was delish! We did went there after lunch so we both share one dish. Waiting time wasn't so bad; since we were busy taking pics and when we got back to our table, both of our drinks were there. Food came out about 10 minutes later. 

For drinks, I feel compelled to try out their coffee since the place itself is called Jenderal Kopi so I ordered their Vanilla Latte for Rp 35.000. I do enjoy their vanilla latte. I can taste the coffee for sure and it sure was smooth with a slightly sour aftertaste. I can taste the vanilla as well and the sweetness was just up to my taste. 

My husband ordered Jenderal Iced Chocolate for Rp 45.000 and it sure is delicious. 

Scan for their menu.

Overall would definitely recommend this place. I might just come for an actual lunch during weekday. To avoid crowd, for sure avoid weekend or dinner time. If possible, just come for lunch on a weekday.

Jenderal Kopi Nusantara Buwas
LLRE Martadinata No. 219, Cihapit, Bandung.
Open everyday from 10AM to 9PM


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