Critical 11 Bandung


Hi, everyone.
I went to Critical 11 Bandung last week and I thought the place was pretty cool so I had to share. It is basically a big complex with plenty of tenants from food, drinks, and even a tattoo parlor. Pretty cool, right? Critical 11 Bandung is located near Husein Sastranegara International Airport so you just go like you would go to the airport, and a few hundred meters before airport' entrance, you'll find Critical 11 Bandung entrance.

Since it is located near the airport, they took the inspiration from the plane and put propellers on their entrance.

There is an entrance fee but it's not too expensive, especially on a weekday; very worth the price. 
Since the area is well-maintained and even the bathroom is very clean as well.

Almost boarding time ;)

If you climb up the balcony, you can actually see planes take off which is pretty cool! 
Gosh, I miss traveling.

The black exterior of the tattoo parlor is very cool to take some OOTD.

Love the retro feel at Kopi Toko Djawa. And all those plants tho!

Plenty of food and drinks option for you to choose.

There is also a basketball court available but I think you must bring your own ball.

If you have small kids, they can play in the sand as well. There is another entrance fee for this one.

Taken inside Toko Kopi Djawa

Overall had a very nice time there just enjoying fresh air. I think with the pandemic, we all search for an outdoor space that can gives us a nice break and I think this place does just that. Highly recommend.

Their instagram is to find more info. Oh, they also have Bring Your Pet Monday! Fun. I just might bring my rabbit there.


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