What to Wear This Fall : Sage Green Knits


Hi, everyone.
Starting this week I will be doing a series of what to wear this fall every week and will conclude it sometime in October with a Fall Lookbook. 
First up from this series is sage green knitwear. This green is kinda of elusive and I'm not even sure mine is the exact right color but this sage green shade is an earthy gray-ish green color; resembling of that a dried sage leaves. Since it is a muted color, this sage green will be perfect for fall in knitwear. 

This sage green color first become popular in late spring and then in summer and it is apparently continuing its wave all the way to fall. 
While lavender dominates in 2020, you can say, sage green is the it color for fall 2021.
I do love how sage green looks great with all shades of brown and I also love how calm your outfit instantly look with this color.

While I love a good sweater, I always gravitate to a layering piece so I can adjust my outfit according to the weather. 
Therefore, I highly recommend to get yourself a sage green cardigan this fall.


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