Little Black Dress For New Year's Outfit

I had SO much fun putting together this outfit at . I know it looks super simple but it actually took me over an hour to make this set. LOL. I'm not the most savy-tech person and I was confused with the three other LBD contenders. I actually changed the dress twice before I decided to settle with this off shoulder fit and flare dress. I give a blue pop of color because I think red pop is too mainstream while blue is softer but still flashy enough for a nice touch of color.

I like this Cameo dress better than the other three because it's sweet enough for a family/work event but also sexy enough with bare shoulder and cleavage for a club/party/date event. Plus, the fit and flare works for all kind of body type and the v-neckline showcasing your collarbone will make any girl looks slimmer. Click more to see the other 3 contenders!

This one is a VERY strong contender because it's super similar with the v neckline and the fit and flare design except this one has lace all over it. Now, I am obsessed with anything lace. I think it's super feminine, it's classy, it's elegant.. However, I have been wearing too much lace these days so I thought the winner, with the sleek shiny fabric, has more oomph factor for me.

I am madly in love with this bodycon dress. It's definitely more sexy than the first two because it's very body-fitting and short. But, thanks to the scoop neckline and the sheer sleeve, those two tame this one down and gives a more sophisticated feel. The bejewelled cuffs are perfect because you only need a big earrings and you're good to go.

So I am drawn to this dress because of the simplicity and also the slit but the back is waaayy to sexy for me. I will definitely put on a nice leather jacket or a white cape blazer with layered necklaces.

Anyway, what do you think?
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