Cake A Boo PIK

So our next stop is Cake A Boo. This place recently opened in the middle of November 2014 so we did feel very hip! LOL. You can easily spot this place thanks to its oh-so-cute exterior. It's on the same row with Locale24.

The cake train, for me, is rather brilliant because it's my first time seeing a cake train! Usually you only find this kind of thing in a sushi place so it was exciting to see. You can actually just help yourself with the cake and don't have to wait for the waiter to take your order! The yellow plate is 25k, blue one is 30k, and purple one is 35k. Which I think, is a reasonable price for Jakarta.

The interior has some kind of Willy Wonka factory thing going on and I dig it. I think kids will be very happy to visit this place but older people can still enjoy the cuteness of the space. It was just colorful you can't help but to be happy. Seating was medium. The seats fill up fast on that Sunday.

This Burger Nutella (35k) is so cute I feel bad for eating it.
The bun is red velvet, a bit dry, actually, while the patty is nutella. 
The yellow is peach with strawberry and kiwi slices. 
Now, I don't hate this one but I don't love it either.

The left side is Volcano (35k) and this one is definitely my favorite of three! It's actually mousse-like and not a cake. The right one is Tamaya Roll (25k) and it reminds me of Mango rice in Thailand.

Thank you for reading! I know I've been posting way too much about food and not enough fashion but I haven't been in the mood of taking out my tripod and sick camera (it has problem of focusing for a while) these days. Plus, it has been raining a  lot making it almost impossible to take photos outdoors. I'm making excuses but I do have these tons of new outfits I'm dying to show you! If only the weather stops being so wet...

Cake A Boo
Ruko Garden House Blok B.22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Instagram : @cakeaboo_jkt

Cute design on the menu! Kind of remind me of Candy Crush map..


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