Trend Alert : Cape Sleeve

Yeay a fashion update at last!
Honestly these pictures belong to my store's lookbook. I still haven't find the spirit to get to my camera and tripod out just yet but this one will do, right?

Everything cape has been a big hit here in Indonesia. I love how it exudes elegance and mystery in the same time. The blazer version is so much more versatile hence it's not too strange that I own two of them already, black and white color. I will try to shoot an outfit with them soon :)
The blouse/top version is so much affordable although it's not as "cool" as the blazer, in my opinion. But it does retain the similar fancy and polished atmosphere.

Since the cape sleeve is wide and sort of floaty, it will be best to keep the bottom half clean and streamlined. Avoid flare skirts or full skirts since it's going to make you look wider.  Best option is a pencil skirt or a trumpet skirt. 

black and navy cape blouse, asymetric skirt, trumpet skirt, necklaces - Helo Strangers
black and white heels - New Look
pink heels - The Little Thing She Needs


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