Vacation Outfit Idea

How was everyone's Christmas?
Over the past improptu self-made holiday from the blog I spent it by exchanging gifts followed by a movie and dinner with friends, had an awesome time managing costumes at The Messenger Christmas play at my youth church, went to the Christmas mass with my family, visited a dear friend who just lost her mother, played too many games in my IPad, watched too many episodes of Running Man, went for a much needed facial, and shot this video.

I think I'm starting to like editing video! I even spend two hours last night just browsing around looking for different instrumental songs for my video background music. I particularly love this upbeat fun song in this video.
Anyways, this is not my best video but I do hope you like it.

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Happy holiday, all!
Anyway, where are you going to this holiday?

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  1. This video is so inspiring stev! Thanks for sharing. Happy holiday anyway <3

    crunchy cheese me

  2. I came back home for Christmas and I totally hogged my sister's iPad. Way too addicted to those games!


  3. Great summary of your Christmas holiday! Almost similar to mine, including playing with the ipad (logo quiz) but I didnt shot a video, this one is great! Happy holidays.....

  4. All-white look for celebrating new year is perrrrfect.

    Dan tahu banget rasanya spending 2 hours cuman buat hal-hal "trivial" tapi produktif hahaha

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe


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