Casual Weekend Outfit

Something I threw on last minute and this is pretty much how I look when I have long day ahead of me. A loose chiffon shirt with loose pants and flats. The chiffon and the delicate lace paneling at least give a "dress up" vibe? Don't you think so?

The chiffon shirt is definitely a "do" with it's smart black color that could never go wrong and the lace, thanks to Auburn and Ginger for sending me this lovely piece! The bag was also sent by Thank you! It actually exceeds my expectation since I thought it was made of canvas but actually a quite decent PU leather. The necklace, which I add to give a little color to my outfit (yes, all neutral pallete and then a little punch of color is how I do) was also sent by! The pants is from Velvet. Flats was bought at Bugis street. And rose gold watch is Guess.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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I show you the importance of a spice of color in an outfit ;)

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