Sponsor Spotlight : Auburn and Ginger in Prisket Pink

I seriously can not believe how many compliments I got when I was wearing this outfit. I was so tired with black and brown and oxblood and decided to inject some spring/summer feel to my outift in order to lift up such a cloudy day. I guess everyone was feeling the same considering how much they love this ensemble.

This delicate chiffon pleated midi-skirt was sent by Auburn and Ginger and I immediately know I want to pair it with white or anything pastel. This green lime top is vintage which I scored from Scotish. Belted it with a mint skinny belt from Forever21 to create a shape from the boxy-cut top. I went with a nude sligthly pink kitten heels from Rotelli and finished off with my pink flowery headband which was thrifted.

Midi-skirt is often avoided because not many people think it's flattering. In my opinion, you can always trick it with a proper heels and fitted top to avoid looking to comfy. I personally like midi-skirts cause it's a great way to keep warm without stockings but still manage looking polished.

Hopefully everyone is fighting the Monday blues!

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PS. Has anyone put up their Christmas tree?

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