The Perfect Christmas Dress for Every Occassion

Hi, all! I feel like with the 25th coming to us faster than we can say "Santa Claus" it is imperative to find the perfect dress for all your Chritmas soiree needs. And fear not, I have found one! #happydance
If you want this particular dress which I love because not only the red color reminds me of Santa and Christmas festivities, you can CLICK HERE (updated : out of stock) and get yourself one. You deserve a gift after all those Christmas shopping for your loved ones :)

Here I styled this dress for four different ocassion.

(1) Christmas Mass Look
For chuch, I really want to look sophisticated and just elegant. I really want to welcome Jesus Christ in my most Audrey Hepburn galore. Decided to add a statement necklace as the focus. Belt and clutch and matching red heels are enough to get me through all "Silent Night" songs.

(2) Christmas Dinner Look
From the church, we all most likely will be hungry. I know I will. I simply switch my necklace to a subtle one and added this fun multicolor flower printed blazer. Tuck my clutch to my studded bag and switch the heels to a black heels. I absolutely love how neat I look but still managed to look really young with the vibrant colors of the blazer. It's a look that is more for a rather "classy" dinner with family or your boyfie.

(3) Christmas Party Look
Maybe you're not a church-kind-a-girl and prefer party hopping to your hippest friends's houses. I added a denim jacket for a quick "cool" look. Pinned one side of my hair to show this incredibily fun one side long earrings. Use my clutch as a crossover body bag for more freedom when you dance to Jingle Bell Rock!

(4) Boxing Day Look
After a great night out with family and friends, I will most definitely want to dress super cozy the next day. Simply throw your favorite sweater over the dress and your favorite black loafers with a matching black vintage bag. Couldn't help but to put on my matching red beret hat tho. And I'm off for coffee and pancake breakfast!

I hope you like the looks I put together. I think I cover pretty much everything. The Christmas party look can actually work for New Year Eve party too! Although you might want to add more bling. I always find red is such a vibrant and festive color and not just for Christmas day. If you haven't found your perfect party dress for this year, my suggestion is to go for deep red color such as oxblood or maroon.

Anyway, wishing everyone a lovely day!

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  1. i simply love all your fun!!

  2. love the dinner look the most <3


  3. very nice guide!!!

  4. These are all great looks! I especially love the last one... I am partial to oversized sweaters and polka dots!


  5. Good idea there. Very creative. Cool how you made a dress for 4 looks. :D

  6. Oh wow, that dress is perfect! I love it in all the ways you wore it. The second to last, and last looks are best <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. So nice! I specially love the 3rd and 4th look! I haven't found myself a dress, but i think i can choose one from my dress collection..hahah..

    Love your look!


  8. aaah I love all of the look ci! So fabulous!><

    Eka Theresia♥

  9. awwww i love this post! that's indeed a great dress to possess, every girl needs a versatile piece like it.


  10. So versatile!
    I love all of them c:
    I think the 'boring day'
    is my favorite!


  11. Loving all these looks! My favorite is the last one :) xx

  12. That dress is beautifull and you made him look awesome all the time :)
    I want a dress like that is such a happy colour!


  13. This is cute :). I love it!
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  14. I love the Chirtsmas Mass Look one (:

  15. ahaha i really love what you're doing here, Stev! really great inspiration

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  16. my fave is the boxing day combo ^^


  17. boxing day outfit is my favorite look! =)

  18. i love the first look! so elegant and classy for holiday parties!

  19. i love Christmas Dinner Look and Boxing look <3


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