Sponsor Spotlight : Batik Pride by Dhievine

I had a strange urge to style up this batik skirt sent by the kind Dhievine in a "cool" style. Since I really think batik is cool and the patterns of batik have so much range that it is impossible to count. And ofcourse, wearing batik makes me feel very Indonesian today. Go patriotism!

Dhievine provides many items in batik and I do think what they are doing is amazing. In terms of batik pride and preserving the beauty of batik, reaching for us youngsters who often avoid batik like avoiding rain. They make items that are super wearable and the cutting and styling is very today so don't be afraid to wear batik anymore, Indonesian.. Or you know, any tourists out there! Dhievine provides beautiful, well-cut, rich-fabric (sometimes cheap batik smells, weighs a ton and itchy in your skin, but this skirt is odor free plus very light weight and smooth inside out!) items with very reasonable prices. They also make floral crowns. More about that on the next post this Wednesday :)

I am wearing 60s cat eyed sunnies by RiotsBarbie, top by Velvet, Rivet studded detachable collar c/o Romwe, Fuji Mum simple skirt c/o Dhievine,  and jeans jacket from Scotish.

Wishing everyone a great start of the week!
I have been feeling tired and lack of energy lately.. Checking in with bed early today <3 p="p">

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