Lips Red as Blood

"Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Bring me your heart my dear, dear, Snow White." 
Queen Ravenna from Snow White and The Huntsman

top - Sasha, floral skorts - LeBijou, necklace - gifted, bangle - PVJ, bag - Tocco Toscano, sandals - CottonOn

Dressed super casually and rather summery with my recently purchased floral skorts for lunch at Amadeus Cafe then Snow White and The Huntsman was in schedule.

I love how Snow White is not being portray as a sweet high-pitched voice little lady with no other skills than singing to summon the animals. Cause that sure was not the Grimm's Brother aim when they wrote the original story, which was almost as dark. Kristen Stewart totally kicked ass in the movie. Well, not as much ass, but she looks tough all right. Just the perfect combination of resilient and damsel in distress. I guess my KStew bias is not helping me giving an objective review. Charlize Theron acting was perfect too. And she probably the only Evil Queen who actually had a legit reason to be evil.. The visual of the movie are all raw, bleak, and enchanting at the same time. A highly recommended movie for the weekend.

Sunday Music : Reverly by Kings of Leon
I sort of into these somber songs lately. Kings of Leon seems to have plenty in stock.

And I told myself for the way you go
It rained so hard it felt like snow
Everything came tumbling down on me
In the back of the woods, in the dark of the night
Palest of the old moonlight
Everything just felt so incomplete

Good night and I hope you'll steer away from the usual Monday blue.

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