Just.. That's how I've been feeling lately. Slightly drained. Slightly annoyed. Overused perhaps. Just lacking of enthusiasm. Fading just a little bit. Dimming for a while, I guess.. My poor jaded self.. I'm not even sure what I've been doing. Really, I have enough sleep, enough food, maybe not enough soul-enrichtment.. I guess, I've been spending way too many hours with my Sims which is not exactly a great way to supplement my most-likely-almost-dry heart.

Would like to take this opportunity to send my many thank you for everyone who commented on my dog's death. Thank you so much for your uplifting comments. Truly, I'm blessed to have such kind blogging friends! <3

hat - Mars&Venus, top - Porcupid Closet, shorts - Maize, stockings - PVJ, flats - Rubi, collar necklace & bag - courtesy of Oasap.com

Sunday Music : Jaded by Aerosmith

In all it's misery
It will always be what I love and hated
And maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinking of
We'll slip into the velvet glove and be jaded

Yes, don't look so shocked. I actually love (not-too-rock) rock songs. I've been a fan of Daughtry for quite some time. And I have over abused my U218Singles CD.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bring you into such melancholic mood as well! I'm still my old silly self although not as silly as I normally do. I'm sure it's just another phase..
Happy Sunday and have a blessed one :)


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