I'm still alive! Thank you, God. These past few days I've been juggling between three cities.

I am so in a desperate need of a day at home doing nothing but reading a good book (just ordered On The Road - Jack Keruoac at the nearest bookstore, hopefully it arrives super duper soon!) and gallons of iced sweet tea. Which is of course, I couldn't afford. My schedule allows nothing of lounging around for a me-time. I'm not even excited about my HongKong trip anymore, which is next Wednesday. It sounded so.. exhausting. I don't supposed I could get a full refund of everything? LOL. I guess I'm that tired..

blazer - Nikicio femme, top - SugarShop, skorts - ShaSha, bag - vintage, shoes - from HongKong!, collar necklace - PremiumShop, email me to join this BBM group store :)

Went to The Fabrik two days ago. Decided to give a break to my floral tops and shorts and opt for a plain pastel shades of top and shorts. Couldn't help but to throw in my Nikicio floral blazer tho!

 The place has this retro vibe and sort of reminded me of pubs in London. Maybe that's just me. The food and cakes are actually pretty good too. Overall, a return visit is a must! And look who was our guest star, Anita from Anita Putri. She's just a ball of fun :)

{Pictures were taken at The Fabrik, Jalan Riau no. 107, Bandung}


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