HongKong Shopping Report

Ni hao, blogger friends! I'm home! I can not tell you how good it feels to sleep in my own bed for a full 7 hours and have my own bathroom again :)
I am jumping straight into the business of my mundane daily activities and will be busier than usual until Tuesday or Wednesday. I volunteered to dance on my church birthday and I have to memorize thousand of steps in 5 days. I feel like my brain is going to explode. Wish us luck.

Here is as promised, my Hong Kong shopping purchases.. I sort of went crazy in Forever21. The price IS cheaper than in Indonesia but not that far away so I thought I just go crazy so I got a bigger profit.. I also seem to develop a love for tosca and mint colors. Hmm..

From left : Forever21 round collar creme blouse - HK$159 or around US$20, Forever21 pussy bow white blouse - HK$149 or around US$19

From left : Forever21 love-printed white shirt - HK$159 or around US$20, Mango line pastel shirt - HK$129 or around US$17

From left : H&M tosca blazer - HK$199 or around US$26 , Forever21 mint blazer - HK$249 or around US$32

From left : unbranded high waisted black circle skirt plus the belt - HK$80 or around US$10, Bershka flowery pastel skirt - HK$129 or around US$17

From left : Guess mint drawstring bag - HK$490 or around US$63, unbranded brown and yellow bag - I got those two for one price of HK$70! or around US$9 for two bags

From left : unbranded collar and eagle necklace - I also got these two for one price of HK$80 or around US$10, Forever21 mint skinny belt - HK$42 or around US$5

Top row from left : unbranded black bow flats - HK$100 or around US$13, unbranded brown and white loafers - HK$128 or around US$17
Bottom row from left : H&M black and white loafers - HK$99 or around US$13, unbranded pink creepers - HK$160 or around US$21

I also received my Romwe package yesterday. So excited about these two items and can't wait to take outfit pictures but real life is taking over right now so blogging life must wait. Until later!

And do join this Oasap giveaway : http://www.oasap.com/giveaway?id_customer=NjAy
So easy and so many pretty dresses for you to win :)

Also, there's this MixMoss giveaway from MarieStella's blog : http://mychoicesaremystyle.blogspot.gr/2012/06/mixmoss-giveaway.html
I personally quite like MixMoss items!


  1. Oh God, you bought a lot in HongKong. :) how's your holiday in HK? oh ya, goodluck for your dance! :D


  2. wish u luck cc for the dance :)
    haha, Hongkong is the heaven for fashionista .. geez! I'm so envy cc ..
    I love the skirts and the bags .. waiting for the outfit posts :D

  3. Great finds tho! Good luck on your dance practice and the event itself. Break a leg!

  4. wow how wonderful thats all :)

  5. Welcome back home Stevii! You must be tired, better take more rest from now (:

    Awww you shop A LOTS! And they are so great! I love the collar something necklace! <3 I just saw the H&M loafers too when I went to mall. Di Guangzhou ada yg model oxford shoes juga sama model satu lg, lucu banget! And di di sini H&M nya lg sale 50% off! *dies*

    I'm so glad you had a good time in Hong Kong, did you meet Kak Diana? haha well, stay blessed, stevia! <3


  6. omg! this makes me miss hk like a lot :(
    so forever 21 has been opened there?uhhh envy you!
    anyway thank you for following me :)

  7. steviiii gilaaak belanja byk bgt booo.. asik asik aku dpt oleh oleh ;) baeknyo kalian hihihi cant wait to have another good time with you dear.

  8. love that little heart print shirt, so cute! hope you had a great time away

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  9. hey gurl! followed you already! please follow mine too :)

    great stuffs in there ♥


  10. wooo i adore that love shirt! <3 omg i wish the shirt is on my town and absolutely buy it! <3
    following you right now, mind to follow back? :D


  11. This post makes me miss hk so much :( you bought many cool stuffs :D

    I LOVE your mint bag and blazers! Can't wait to see you wear it dear <3 xx

  12. Love the heart print shirt, and the blazers are such lovely colours! Great choices :)

  13. love your floral skirt, and of course your blog ;)

    want to follow each other? kindly visit my blog http://peureine.blogspot.com :D

  14. such amazing stuffs! love the whole outfit <33

  15. Wow, so many great items! I envy you!

  16. What great blazers!! :) Love the color and cut!

    :) Mckinzy


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