Jubilee June

I haven't officially welcome June. So here it is : Welcome, June. I hope you bring us a lot of jubilee.

collar necklace - Oasap.com , top - HongKong, belt - CottonOn, floral skirt - Zara, oversized tote bag - Tocco Toscano, ballet flats - H&M, 3rd gen Doco IPad cover - Doco

This amazing ring-bracelet is from Diva. It was love at first sight.

Okay, I got COUNTLESS of praises for my Doco's 3rd Book Pad cover. It landed in my hand the day my dog died. And yes, it did bring me to my second smile that day. Right after my grandma complaining something that I don't dare to write since it's PG 13. 

My Doco 2nd Book Pad cover seems so humble compare to this magnificent thing. No exaggerating here. It just feels so luxurious and I always feel eyes staring every time I open my iPad. It also feels a lot sturdier and provides more safety for your iPad. 

If you don't own any iPad or iPod or iTouch, worry not, Doco also has gorgeous pouches for your blackberry. My favorite is obviously, lace fuchsia in Scarlet. Well honestly, all colors seem perfect to welcome summer! Doco also provides covers for your precious Galaxy Tabs. So if by any chance, you're looking for something to give a little "oomph" to your gadget, do click www.doco-store.com and choose your favorite gadget's protection in the most stylish way. Besides, the difference between try and triumph is a little oomph! (not sure if that's in context, but it's 1 AM here so I'm not sure what I'm writing..)
Doco ships internationally and just by additional $2 you can have a similar plate like mine embossed whatever you feel you need to say.

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