Gion Izakaya Bandung


Hi, everyone.
Went for an early Christmas dinner with my husband on 21st Dec at Gion Izakaya Bandung. Gion Izakaya Bandung is not quite new, being opened late in 2020. But it was our first time at Gion Izakaya Bandung. Gion Izakaya Bandung is located at Wu Tower, same building with Amo Cafe. 

We went on a Wednesday and Gion Izakaya Bandung was not empty, but not exactly full either. There was a private event so a section was blocked but other people can still sit on the smoking section. We didn't reserve since we thought Gion Izakaya Bandung would be empty. But turns out we were wrong. Place filled up overtime and towards the end of our dinner, around 7 PM, almost all tables were occupied. So if you are not an early eater like us or come with a big group, it would be a good idea to book ahead.

Gion Izakaya Bandung is located at 8th floor of Wu Tower. You will need an access card to go to the lift area, a security guard can help you with that. You don't need an access card to press the 8th floor button.

Place does feel a bit fancy but most people are in casual clothes except for those attending the birthday party.

The private event was a kid' birthday party and I'm not sure a place that serves alcohol is a good place to hold a kid' birthday party.. but whatever floats their boat.

I ordered Truffle Wagyudon (Rp 108k) and it was good but I cannot really taste the truffle. Very very faint hint of it I guess. Portion looks small but that mostly because of the huge bowl. I actually feel full once I finished it all. Beef was well seasoned and tender. The butter rice was good, I can taste the creamy butter but it wasn't salty at all which is good. 

We originally wanted Singapore Sling but it wasn't available so we ended up with what the waitress suggested us which was Ichigo Probiotic (Rp 130k). It was REALLY good. The cocktail was fragrant and it was sweet enough but not overly sweet. A perfect substitute for Singapore Sling.

Husband ordered Yakitori Set (Rp 80k).
Mind you, it only comes with the 3 sticks of yakitori, butter rice, and miso soup.
Husband likes it and said it def worth the money.
The extra two yakitori was Negima (Rp 37k). I thought Negima would be a sushi without realizing what was inside husband' yakitori set (it did said there is a enigma in it). The negima was pretty good! Considering it was a chicken thigh, it doesn't have that nauseating chicken smell. 
All of our food was well-seasoned.

In total we both spent around Rp 450k.
But without the Negima yakitori and without the cocktail, we would've spend around Rp 300k which really isn't bad for two people. Service was good. Food and drinks come out fast enough. It didn't feel like we were waiting long. Parking was spacious. No problem there. Will definitely come back for the Ichigo Probiotic. It was THAT good.


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