Christmas Outfit Ideas 2022

Hi , everyone.

It’s been a minute. Today I want to share some Christmas outfit ideas 2022. Where I live, we don’t have any snow and weather is pretty much in the 20 Celcius degrees so my outfits are usually pretty simple with not much layer.

First look is a dressy soft green dress with oversized collar creating a modest look with the midi length. I personally love the collar. Added a headband to trick people I put effort on my hair.

The second look is a simple cozy outfit but still festive with the red cardigan and red lip. My red heels helps to make this outfit more dressy. For an even more casual feel, you can opt for white sneakers. Perfect outfit for gift hunting.

Third outfit is something very dressy. It can even pass as evening attire and I did wore this to a friend’s wedding. A white dress is a no-fail option for Christmas. It looks good on everyone from little kids to grandmothers. Always an elegant choice for those fancy parties.
I decided for an all white look with my bag & shoes but added a gold belt for a focal point.

Last outfit is basically the same as the second outfit. Just switched the cardigan and shoes. Different t-shirt too but it’s basically a white t-shirt just like the 2nd outfit. And yes I did brought around a reindeer headband just to take pics. It’s lightweight, not too big, and make your outfit looks more Christmas-y without looking too much like a Santa hat. Would def recommend a reindeer headband.

And those are pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas-y pics and the outfits too. I do find a good festive cardigan can really make a basic outfit like jeans and tee look Christmas ready AND keeps you warm enough.


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