New Year 2023 Outfit Ideas


Hi, everyone. 
Now that Christmas is officially over, time to move on to New Year 2023 outfit ideas. The holy trinity of New Year outfit has always been sequins, velvet, and satin. So here are three New Year 2023 outfit ideas featuring sequins, velvet, and sateen.

First up is a satin dress. I love satin for their shiny look, creating a luxurious vibe. Silk is obviously the better choice but pure silk can be expensive for a dress you’re going to wear once a year so I definitely prefer satin.

Second look featuring my favorite fabric; velvet. 
Most of my velvet items are stretchable so they are very comfy to wear AND warm enough to wear for a tropical chilly windy day without any layer but not too warm. 
Velvet also has some shine to the fabric creating a very chic New Year appropriate look to celebrate the end of an era.

I’ll be honest, I only wear sequins for pics. I never wear them out since it feels a bit Vegas for my medium-sized city. I do love the sparkle tho! I toned all the sequins with an all black fit.

Anyways, I hope your 2022 has been okay, maybe not great, but at least we get through it, right? 
Cheers for the new year.


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