San Gimignano Bandung

Ciao, everyone.
Today' post is from the recently opened San Gimignano Bandung. We went to San Gimignano Bandung on a Wednesday and place was surprisingly bustling. Almost all tables were full. We actually seated outdoor for a little bit before we can sit inside. It was that full. We did went to San Gimignano Bandung on a Sunday and it was a bust, place was packed and there was a waiting list, so we decided to eat someplace else. You can say, San Gimignano Bandung is quite a hit these days.

According to the name, San Gimignano Bandung has a countryside Italian vibe and I personally love it. 
It is rustic and charming, just like what you'd expect an Italian grandma' house would be.
Outdoor area is definitely the highlight of the place but it was quite windy that day so we decided to sit inside.

Husband ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung (Rp 59k) and it was really good! He approved.

I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese (Rp 65k) and it was just okay. Husband said it was good tho.
 For me personally, the beef wasn't seasoned enough. It was too beef-y for me.

We ordered Peach Frozen  (Rp 39k) and this one is also really good! Would def recommend.
 It's sweet creamy but just with enough freshness from the peach so it's not too sweet.

Food and drinks come out fast enough considering the place was packed. Surprisingly, all the waiters and waitresses are well trained. They are all well-mannered and always ready to serve with a smile. For a recently opened place, I definitely commend that. 

When we seated outside, I dropped my bag and I guess my lipstick rolled out somewhere. One of the waiter returned the lipstick to me. And again, when we left after our meal, I left my scarf, and the waitress were literally running after us to return my scarf. So for me, service is 10/10.

Didn't take much pic inside since it was packed and people were passing by all the time. So this is the only pic I managed to take. But you can see the rustic vibe of the place.

The gelato bar looks so good against all the rocks.

We ordered Blueberry Cheese (really good!) and Salted Caramel Biscoff (also good but with the blueberry cheese, it's a bit much). For a regular cup with two flavors, it was Rp 35k.

Parking is spacious but even then, it was quite full on a weekday so if you want to come here, definitely come on a weekday. I would say you'll need to book for weekend. Also, make sure to check the weather. Since the indoor space is small, capacity will be reduced greatly during rainy days.

San Gimignano
L.L.R.E. Martadinata no 89, Citarum, Bandung.
Open everyday from 7AM to 10PM


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