15 x 15 Remix Challenge : Outfit 6 to 10


Hi, everyone. These are Outfit 6 to 10 from my 15 x 15 Remix Challenge (you basically choose 15 items and create 15 outfits). Btw, Outfit 6 to 8 are taken with phone so the pics' size is smaller than Outfit 9 and 10 which were taken with camera. Anyway, you can check the 15 items I choose by clicking here

Outfit Six

I particularly choose this trending green color to break up all the pinks that I choose. It's good to have  a 'wildcard' in the items that you choose but make sure to always have plenty of neutrals like the nude pants which can match with anything.

Outfit Seven

Pink is the color of spring so naturally a pink blazer is the perfect layering piece for those chilly day. I actually wear this outfit to watch Batman in the theaters and feel just warm enough without being too hot.

Outfit Eight

Another pink but this time it is a shirt. I again paired it with my blue jeans because denim goes with everything. And instead of white sneakers, a nude sneakers can also go a long way! Not only in spring and summer, but fall and winter too.

Outfit Nine

Besides green color, fuschia is also trending altho it is mostly favored by older generation like me. Gen Z seems to prefer green for sure. I paired my fuchsia shirt dress with a baseball cap and slip on for a more casual feel.

Outfit Ten

A true timeless outfit that is a white blouse and blue denim with a pop yellow from my bag to brighten up the outfit. 

I hope you like Outfit 6 to 10. My style is called fun classic which means I do prefer classic pieces like shirts and blazers but also infused a bit more fun to the timeless pieces with color and print.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the first green shirt top.

    I've recently fallen in love with green blazers, like the green blazer with shorts set from Wholesale7 now.


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