15 x 15 Remix Challenge : Outfit 1 to 5


15 items that I choose for my 15 x 15 Remix Challenge

Hi, everyone.
Instead of a spring lookbook, I decided to do a remix challenge. In general, you choose 15 items and create 15 looks. Originally, it is supposed to be 30 items and 30 outfits but considering it took me almost two months just to finish fifteen looks (since I don't go out that much); I feel like 30 items will take too long and you guys will already loose interest before I could even finished.
Anyway, without further ado, here are the first five looks.

Outfit One

Most of you have seen this outfit before from this post so I won't elaborate much.
 I do love the white and green color combo. It looks fresh and perfect for this spring and summer.

Outfit Two

A white maxi dress can go a long way. It is perfect for casual and semi-formal events. While I don't recommend to wear white to a wedding, but this look will totally pass for a wedding guest outfit. 

Outfit Three

Denim jacket is one of my favorite outerwear for all season. 
It looks perfect with anything it pairs with and add a youthful as well as a casual vibe to your whole outfit.

Outfit Four

While spring is all about colors, a neutral outfit can give you major fashion point as it looks timeless and effortless.

Outfit Five

A floral print in pastel shades lends a youthful vibe to this grandma-ish essential outerwear. 
Pair it with a little white shirt dress for a perfect brunch outfit.

And that is it for look number 1 to 5. 
I hope you look forward to more outfits from this 15 x 15 remix challenge.


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