Teuan Restaurant Lembang Bandung

Hi, everyone. 
Today' post is about Teuan restaurant located at Maribaya, Lembang, Bandung. This place; Teuan is relatively new, only a few months old by the time I'm posting this. We went to Teuan Lembang on a weekday around lunch time and the place was nowhere near empty. It was actually quite busy for a weekday. Thankfully, parking is very spacious! The location is not too strategic, being in an alley; but it wasn't difficult to find as they have placed many signs so you won't miss it.
I personally love the decoration. It has that old peranakan house feels but they have modernized it a bit creating a slight fancy vibe to the overall place. If you ever visit The Blue Mansion in Penang, you will think this is a very much replica of that mansion; albeit the missing blue walls.

This stair seems to be a popular photo spot and I can see why. 
Very elegant in a vintage way.

The second floor is also worth a visit. This alley is also a popular photo spot.

Food wise, all we ordered tastes really good. We ordered and then wander around the grounds taking pic and then one of the waiter suggest us to come and eat since our food will be cold if don't eat soon. Which I find, to be a very very nice service. I mean, one of the waiter actually look for us in this not small space and nicely inform us that the food is ready. So I guess waiting time to get food and drinks are normal pace. Maybe 20ish minutes?

My husband ordered Nasi Mongolian Chicken (Rp 49,5k) and he loves it! Rice is rather hard, not enough water while cooking for sure. But he really loves the chicken sauce.

I ordered Nasi Sapi Lada Hitam (Rp 66k) and I also love it. 
Beef was nice and tender and the seasoning was on point. Not too much not too little.
Again, rice is hard. Would've been perfect if the rice was cooked right.

Husband ordered Pinacolada (Rp 44k) and we like it but not like crazy about it.

We also ordered Es Kelapa Jelly and would def recommend!
It has that old childhood dessert taste to me.

Overall, would def recommend this Teuan Restaurant Lembang. Place is very nice, staff are all nice too, food and drinks def worth the price, and parking is spacious! Menu is very varied too, everyone in the family can find something to eat. Def, do not come on a rainy day tho since a lot of outdoor space. Also, for now, I wouldn't recommend to come on a weekend. Since even on a weekday, place is not quiet either. 

Jl Maribaya No 11b Kayuambon, Maribaya, Lembang. 
Bandung, Jawa Barat.
Open everyday from 8AM to 10PM

Below is Teuan Maribaya Lembang menu.


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