Selfie Ready

 Hi, everyone.

I’m sure we all takes selfies from time to time. While having good skin is a good thing to have when taking selfies, good teeth is even more important. I’m sure you know how important it is to have bright teeth when you’re taking selfies. Great teeth is crucial in photos. Research says, it's the first thing that people notice in someone's face. I do have two easy tricks that you can do right now to make your teeth looks whiter and brighter when taking selfies.

First, is to wear cool tones lipstick. Which means, try your best to avoid peachy and orange tone in lipstick if you want your teeth to look on point. My go to lipstick to make my teeth look brighter is Chanel Rouge Allure 129 Surprenante. Cool tones has blue undertone which, in turns, makes your teeth looks whiter. 

Second, is to wear blue-based colored tops; like purple, blue, or even pink. White works too, it bounces the light better. Again, avoid peach, yellow, and orange tops. The theory is similar to wearing cool tones lipstick. Blue-based colored tops bounces blue lights to your teeth, which makes your teeth appears brighter and whiter.

While those tricks can help, it is definitely vital to take care of your teeth. Regular visits to your dentist twice a year and don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth everyday. And since it’s 2021, why not floss your teeth with a water flosser! It's definitely not the time to use anything manual anymore. This water flosser is cordless and can last for 30 days just by charging it one time. Very convenient and oh how very fancy. For more tech-savvy teeth and gum related items, you can visit Meyarn to make sure your teeth is selfie ready.


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