How to Mix and Match Color Blocking Outfit



Hi, everyone.
Even though summer is nearing its end, I want to talk about one of this summer trend, color blocking!  It was quite a hit back in 2012-2013 and I am glad that it's coming back this time around. I had my practice last time mostly by trial and error but this year I thought I'd share an easy way to mix and match colors; any color!

First, you will need a color wheel. You can find it online but having one on hand can be handy. A color wheel is normally very affordable as well. I got mine for less than a dollar at an art supply store. I have no doubt you can order one online.

Color wheels look something like this. To use it, choose your color under the pure color writing, and then the opposite color of that in the wheel (complimentary) is the best match. For example, yellow green looks best with red-violet but it can also looks good (second complimentary) with red and violet. 

Here we can see yellow looks best with violet but it can also works with blue and red-violet.

Neighbour colors usually works with similar colors. 
It's not always the case, but more often than not it works. 
For example, since yellow works with blue, then yellow's sister color; orange, works with blue as well.

Sister colors can also be a great color block outfit. Orange will no doubt works with yellow. Green and blue works.
An example of sister colors that works well is the famous pink and red. 
I personally really love this color combo. It just looks so seamless together.

The left looks a bit odd, isn't it? Right outfit definitely looks better.

My last tip for you is to make sure that if your top is in pastel, do pair it with another pastel color. If your bottom is in pure color, then pair it with another pure color; or vibrant colors can work as well. If your top is in dark colors, like emerald or maroon, then pair it with dark colors as well. If your top 7has a muted colors, like terra-cotta, pair it with another muted color as well. Checking your color combination under the sun is also a good idea.

Anyway, I hope this post is useful. Have fun wearing colors for the rest of the summer.


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