Books I Purchased from Big Bad Wolf Books Fair 2020

Hi, guys!
Do excuse the very long title, I'm not sure how to make the title shorter (gotta aim for that optimal SEO) without misleading my reader. I went to Big Bad Wolf Books fair in Jakarta about two weeks ago. To find out more about what kind of book fair it is, you can click here to read my experience there last year. 
This year, I thought I would do a different post to commemorate me visiting there and I thought why not sharing what books I purchased from Big Bad Wolf Books Fair. I finished reading one of the five books that I bought there so I will give you my review on that book too.

So this is the first book that I finished from the five books that I purchased. Faith by Tim Costello is a book that I wasn't expecting in terms of content, but was genuinely engaging and I found myself reading until midnight. I was expecting stories of personal problems and how God continuously testing our faith while showing His faithful side as well. But, what I got was more about social justice and sufferings in other countries. 
While I am well aware that I am privileged, it's still sad to read stories from refugee camps and areas where it's difficult to even get clean water. In a sense, it definitely snapped me back from 'woe is me' mindset (especially with all this virus situation) and more to a grateful mindset. At the same time, it made me feel powerless cause there isn't much I can do to help those people. 
I know that's not what Tim Costello intended when he's writing this book, but that's how I feel after reading it. I do appreciate that he ended the book in a hopeful note. He believed that we as human, are reflections of God on earth, and that we are naturally want to be kind and helpful to others, no matter their social status, gender, or race. He encouraged us to live a good life and live a life of helping others.

This is the first book that I picked up amongst the Religion pile.  I'm sure you're familiar with today's world situation and I thought this book would give me some comfort. It's a hardcover as well and I think that's how you get the most bang of your buck in a book fair. I purchased it for Rp 80.000 or around US$5. Also, The Case for Hope by Lee Strobel has a 4.3 out 5 stars on and you know me, I rely on ratings. LOL. I know it's not very wise but 90% of the time, any book that has over than 4 ratings on are worth to read in my opinion.

Found this little book at the Self Help section and even tho it only has 3.5 out of 5 ratings on, I was genuinely curious. I like Oprah as a TV host and I always thought her story is very inspiring, so I thought, why not pick it up. 
Upon coming home, I realized that as it turns out this book is just a collection of essays from other people that was featured on O magazine so frankly, I was a little bit disappointed. I really thought I would hear some wisdom from Oprah herself. However, Chicken Soup was (still is, I guess) one of my favorite book and I have always enjoy it; so who's to say this book would be any different?
I bought it at Rp 80.000 or around US$5 so even tho it might not be a good book, at least I didn't spend a fortune on it.

A Simplified Life by Emily Lee is the book I was so confident I wanted to buy in the first place. It is a hardcover and I did purchased her Grace, Not Perfection book. That particular book even made it to my recommended book list (which you can read by clicking here). Hence why I was so sure I wanted this book. I am currently reading it and I'm only a few pages in and so far so good. I bought this one for Rp160.000 or around US$10. And the rating of this book was 4 out 5 on

I love Lauren Conrad in general. I like her since her Laguna Beach days and I also like her in The Hills. I think she's one smart lady and especially with The Little Market, I think she's also a kind person. I own her Beauty and Style book and I did enjoy reading both of them. I also read her LA Candy series and remember enjoying them so I thought I'll try reading her second series. While I'm not sure I will read it any time soon (since it's a three books series and I only have one), it's nice to have when I want read something light and juicy. 

I also picked up some children's books for my nephew and niece. I think the kids section took about 2/3 of the whole area of the fair. I aim to find hardcover books as well since those are the ones that will get the most bang out of your buck. I bought mostly activity books for them last year so this year I picked up books that they can actually read, altho they really do love their activity books. 

This lift a flap books are always fun for kids since while reading, they can also do something with the book. I personally love the illustration and the flap feels like a very nice quality where it won't tear easily when your kid is a little rough.

I also picked up a pop up book since I thought it would be cool to see the characters came out of the pages.

I'm very happy with my purchases and honestly a little proud of myself that I didn't go crazy. I usually bought twice as much and then would feel guilty whenever I want to purchase a new book that is newly published (since most of these books are about 2 years or older). With these short list of books, I can finish it by July (or even May, considering the quarantine situation) and then purchase new books (I'm eyeing Mitch Albom' Finding Chika and Christy Lefteri The Beekeeper of Aleppo). 

Anyway, I hope everyone is hanging in there with the the stay at home circumstances. Being a stay at home wife and an introvert, there isn't much that change for me. But if you're usually on the go go go and an extrovert, things can be a little tough so I hope you'll find a new book to read and make yourself busy. 
Now excuse me while I'm back to my reading.
Have a great day, all.


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