Recomended Titles from Books I've Read in 2019

Hi, guys!
I've read 12 books this year and even tho it's down 3 book from 2018, there are great books that I would most definitely recommend to you. Do notice that all of these books are non-fiction and I was definitely on a growing journey of my mental health so most of these are about accepting yourself. Without further ado, here are my recommended titles from books I've read in 2019.

While this is not a Christian book, I feel there's no harm in fixing your vibe. Believe it or not, people can in fact feel the vibe your exudes. Each concept is sectioned and explained in an understandable and well manner. There are also some quotes with simple drawing which I find to be a nice touch. 
One of my favorite quote is as pictured : Just because you can't see the point behind a challenging time, doesn't mean there isn't one.

To be honest, I actually watched the Marie Kondo's Netflix show first and then purchased the book. I do think it's slightly more informative but not by much. LOL. I do love how it helps me to sort through things. And while I didn't exactly touch every single thing and think does this spark joy? It does help to separate on things that has and add value in my life. It also helps to streamline about things that I do love to have. Really does come in handy when making a decision to add more things or not to my closet and my house.

Love for Imperfect Things by Haenim Sunim is hands down my favorite book from 2019. I also did read his first book "The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down" and found it to be a nice read but nothing sort of ground breaking. Maybe because the topic wasn't something that really resonate with me. 
But this book about accepting things really do speak to my core. I was pretty much agree on almost everything. This one is also not a Christian book but a good book is a good book. There is also beautiful drawings for each chapter and those drawings are actually very calming to observe. If you're a slow reader and can only commit to one book in a year and is currently in a journey of self-love, I would highly recommend this book.

I got this book from a book fair and so happy I picked it up. The stories inside are truly inspiring. Plenty of them shows that you can rise up from any occasion. This one is a Christian book so it does really help in growing my faith as well. If you are in pain, this book can also helps in your process of healing. All in all, this book does help in giving me hope through a tough time in 2019.

While I'm not a mom yet, but I feel like this is a perfect book for anyone who struggles in feeling enough in their daily effort. It does talk about motherhood quite a lot hence it can be a perfect gift to any new mom out there. Also, it has pleasingly aesthetic photos that can also serves as an inspiration. This book is an easy book to digest but not less good. Sometimes simplicity is the best option. It is a Christian book as well and definitely helps me to grow my faith.
One of my favorite quote is as below : God's grace shines through our ability to love others with sincere patience, gratitude, and acceptance.

I held back reading this book for so long since the hype was too much for me. LOL. I can have a very high expectation when I read a book that was so hyped up. I'm glad to say that Girl, Wash Your Face book did not disappoint. I'd say the writing is rather similar to Emily Lee; as it's part a memoir part a self-help book. So this is another easy read for a non heavy reader. But this book does have a lot more humor in it. You can tell that Rachel doesn't take herself too seriously but she is a hard worker. I do love the way she talk about some myths throughout her own experience. 

One of my favorite quote is as below : The path through hardship or extreme trauma is one of the most difficult things a being can encounter. But make no mistake; the only way is to fight through it. Pain and trauma are a violent whirlpool, and they will drag you under if you don't battle to stay afloat. There will be times, especially in the beginning, when it will take everything within you to keep your head above those waves. But you must keep your head above the waves. It's so difficult, but you are tough. Even if you don't feel it at the time, the very fact you're still breathing in and out means you're fighting back against the tide that wants to sweep you away.

I do most definitely recommend all of these six books to keep you company in 2020. 
Wishing everyone a great day ahead.


  1. Thank you so much for your recommendation, Stev! I'm trying to push myself to read more this year and Haenim's book is on my wishlist already (:

    Btw, happy new year to you and family! May this year brings you so much joy and blessings!


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