Semarang Old Town and Lunch at Spiegel

Hi, guys!
I went to Semarang a few months back and I wanted to share with you about Semarang Old Town. Basically, it's a block of street where old buildings back from the Colonial era were restored and now function as a tourist attraction. Indonesia was colonized by Dutch so that's why all the buildings do have that Colonial flair to it. This place is also famous as Little Dutch, thanks to the style of the building.

My family and I went on a Saturday afternoon (around 5PM) so the weather was not too hot (altho it was still pretty humid) and there were some nice gentle breezes making it a perfect weather to stroll around. As you can see, the place was pretty packed and people were busy taking pictures in every single corner. Yours truly, was also guilty of that.

At one point, there were also a stage and live band as well as a few food stalls. But I guess that is a weekend thing since I went there again on a Monday and the bazaar was no longer there.

There are a few restaurants in the area but I was definitely most interested in Spiegel Bar & Bistro. The building alone is magnificent and obviously rich in history. The building used to be a store that sells fabrics, furnitures, and even sporting equipments back in 1900. It used to be abandoned but after the restoration a few years ago, now it stands beautifully.

Inside is fully air conditioned and much needed after strolling around under the sun. The strawberry juice had enough zing and not too sweet for a refreshing drink. While the burger was DELICIOUS. I had zero complaints. I also ordered apple pie (not pictured) and that one is also so good! I would most definitely recommend this place.
I love the high ceiling and the exposed brick, giving a very retro feel to the atmosphere. The bar is also quite impressive in my opinion.

Behind me is Blenduk Church and it acquired its name thanks to its copper dome at the top. The church was built in 1753 so it's basically a 250 year old church and if that is not impressive, I don't know what is. It's still function as church and held a service every Sunday. We went there on a Saturday and Monday so unfortunately, we couldn't get in. 

Overall, I did enjoyed my time at Semarang Old Town and would definitely recommend! I also would recommend you to Uber or GoCar since parking can be difficult. And do avoid daytime since the sun can really be piercing to your skin. I only went there during daytime since I wanted to have lunch at Spiegel Bar & Bistro.


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