Pink or Red for Valentine's Day?

Hi, guys!
With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it's time to determine what one is going to wear on this day of love. Whether it's a romantic dinner with your significant other or a special Galentine brunch, the main question is which color of love are we choosing this year?

Personally, I always go with pink since I feel like I overused my reds during the holidays and then for Chinese New Year. But, then again, red is the color of passion and a little red dress go a long way.

This pink dress is pretty much love at first sight thanks to its collar and bow combo. Also, the color is like candy bubblegum pink, which looks great on most skin tones. I paired it with white accessories to match the bow and a pink heels to finish the look. Also, you can bet I'll be wearing this heart-shaped earrings on our dinner no matter which dress I'll choose :)

Pink can be too sweet for some people and I totally get that. A little red dress is the perfect choice for you. I paired my red dress with a black blazer and matching red heels. I actually wore this outfit for our anniversary dinner last year AND a Christmas dinner back in 2017 so yeah, a little red dress is a must have in your closet for sure.

My pink dress is from Pomelo (pretty recent, you might still find it in stock) while my red dress is from Zara 2017.

I do hope you will have a great Valentine's Day no matter how you choose to spend it. Have a great day, all.


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