Celosia Flower Garden Semarang Review

Hi, guys!
My family and I went to Taman Celosia Semarang or also known as Celosia Flower Garden back in October and since now it's almost spring time, I thought I'd share with you about my time there. The place is located outside Semarang tho, about 40 minutes from the city.

We went on a Sunday afternoon so the place was crowded but it wasn't too packed that you can't walk without bumping into someone. Ticket price was Rp 40.000 (around US$3) for two parks. If you want to go to only one park it's Rp 25.000 for weekend price.

It's about 90% outdoors except for the restaurants so make sure you check the weather report on the day you want to visit. For the price, I do find the place to be worth it. There are literally dozens of spots you can take your photos in.
So basically this is a heaven for wives/girlfriends who love to take pics and a hell for the husband/boyfriend photographer since the weather was hot. We did went on a midday so the sun was high and honestly, kind of piercing to my skin.

The man-made lake would have been impressive if the water wasn't so green.

Little Korea area is my favorite since it's a cute and colorful alleyway and it matches perfectly with my women polka dot dress.  It can be tricky to take pics here with so many people since the place is small, but you just need to be patient. 
When I went there, everything seems to be in a good shape and the whole place was generally clean. I went to the restroom in Taman Celosia 2 tho so I'm not sure how's the toilet situation in Taman Celosia 1.

So colorful!

From Taman Celosia 1, we took our car to Taman Celosia 2. You can actually walk of course, but the stairs were pretty challenging for my mom who broke her ankle a year back so we took the easy route. FYI, this place is not very disabled friendly. You can definitely bring your wheelchair but expect to miss a few spots since there are plenty of stairs. My mom and my dad actually waited at Little Korea area since the Louvre-esque garden (the 1st and 2nd pic) requires a few stairs down.

Taman Celosia 2 or some people called it Little Amsterdam is pretty as well but not as diverse as Taman Celosia 1 and there's quite a lot of walking too. My mom and my dad again waited at the lobby area and didn't explore much.

There's also a rental for Dutch traditional clothing here. Just like there's kimono rental at Taman Celosia 1.

If you only have a short time, definitely choose Taman Celosia 1. I don't think they were quite finished with Taman Celosia 2 anyway. But I did went there five months ago so perhaps Taman Celosia 2 have more attractions now.

All in all, I definitely would recommend coming here. There isn't much to do if you bring kids tho. But it does make a pretty backdrop for your family pics.

Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend ahead and do watch our vlog. Taman Celosia is at the beginning of the video.


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