Jati Kopi Bandung Review

Jati Kopi Talaga Bodas Bandung exterior.

Hi, guys!
Went to Jati Kopi Bandung located at Talaga Bodas (around Buah Batu area) last weekend. My husband and I went on a Saturday afternoon so naturally Jati Kopi Bandung was full but we were fortunate enough to get a table right away. 

Parking was small so we parked across the street which isn't a big problem unless it's raining. Upon entering, I was impressed by the wood cube-like feature on their exterior. I'm not a wood expert, but considering the name, one would guess the woods are made from jati.

As you can see, seats available at the ground floor was not too comfy and the sun was shining ever so brightly so we chose to sit at the second floor. I'd have to say, seating wise, I wouldn't suggest to bring a large group here unless you blocked the VIP Room for a meeting or something. VIP Room was the only space where they provide air conditioning.

VIP Room where we sit.
Smoking area on the 2nd floor.

Jati Kopi Bandung Roti Omellete Keju Smoked Beef and Es Kopi Jati

We ordered Roti Omellete Keju Smoked Beef (Rp 27k before tax) and Es Kopi Jati (Rp 18k before tax) and both tastes good. So when you first came, you ordered and paid everything first before you go to your seat. They will give you a table number so you can sit wherever you want.
Price wise I'd say it really wasn't bad considering the taste and the portion. My friend did came earlier that day and even tho we both ordered the same menu, she said her mayo was bitter, while ours was good except maybe a little too salty.
Drinks came out after 10 minutes while food took a little longer, I'd say it was another ten minutes after drinks.

Es Kopi Jati 

We really do like their iced coffee! I would prefer a little bit more sugar in it but overall it has great taste. It's more on the sour acidic side, so you got that sour aftertaste but it was pretty smooth when you first sip it. 

I do have to say their service was top notch. When we first came, a friendly waitress immediately approached us and said she'd look for a table upstairs for us and told us to ordered first. Now I don't want to order before I knew we could get comfy seats so I waited.. While we waited, another smiley waitress approached us and offer us to find our seats but I said another waitress already did that and that's when the 1st waitress came and said there's a table upstairs at the non-smoking area. 
And then after we took our seat,  I was wandering around taking pics, one of the waiter asked if I would like to get my photo taken but I declined since I have my husband for that LOL. I was just photographing the area for this post. Another different waiter also offered to take our pic when my husband was taking pics of me. And that was on a busy Saturday afternoon so I really do appreciate that small gestures.

Overall I would definitely recommend this place if you're a little bored with cafe scenes in Bandung.

Jati Kopi Bandung
Jalan Talaga Bodas No. 44
Open everyday from 7AM to 10PM

Below is Jati Kopi Bandung menu.

Menu Lengkap Jati Kopi Talaga Bodas Bandung


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