December Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologise for such late favorites post, I normally aim for 3 to 5 days after the month over but here we are. Anyway, December was actually a good month of a rough 2018. I do have a few favorites so without further ado, here they are.

First up is this Ted Baker quilted bag. December calls for lots of smart casual events so this bag has been on a heavy rotation. I love the quilt and chain details; it elevates any kind of outfit. Despite its nice formal design, its actually holds quite a lot. I can even put my Canon G7X camera easily here. A favourite in those festive months, for sure.

This Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume is such a favorite that there was a full week where I exclusively wear this. I usually rotate all of my perfume but Mademoiselle is so perfect for day AND night so when I need to leave the house in the afternoon and then have Christmas dinner, this is the only one I would wear. Not only it smells so chic and elegant, but it also lasts quite long on me. Easily lasts for six hours before the scent starts to fade on my skin. And it lasts a good whole day when you spray it on your outfit. If you're in the market for new perfume, definitely buy this! You won't regret it.

I mean, is there anything cuter than holiday-themed-earrings? I think not. These bow earrings are super adorable and since it's H&M, it won't break your bank. I love that we got two colours so we can switch it up. I do admit I only wore the red ones and never actually wore the gold. It makes my plain sweater looks easily festive!

Okay, I do apologise for the weird pose, my ColourPop in the shade of "Trust Me" is not in the best condition. I had it since 2016 and the case does look pretty sad. However, the shade is gorgeous. It's not too yellow or too blue. I'd say it has more blue in it since my teeth do look whiter when I put it on. It's also matte and transfer very little. It doesn't bleed; which is a very important traits for me. Despite being matte, it's not that drying. I always wear a lip mask the night before I use this and it definitely helps!

Bow hairclip is officially my new favorite thing to wear. My bangs are always out of place when I don't spray it with hairspray which I try not to do very often (mostly weekends only) so on weekdays, these cutie guys are my trusty weapon to combat ugly bangs day. I bought them at this cute little store and they are so cheap! Thinking about buying more.

The last book I read in 2018 was A Simple Favour and holy shiz it's scandalicious. It's borderline crazy but I actually like that! I was definitely on the fence about how I feel towards Stephanie (the main protagonist? antagonist?) . I mean, I know she's one of the good guys, but her past definitely makes me questions every good thing she did. No question that she's a good mother, but is she a good person? Also, I'm just gonna say it, she's annoying. With her "I'm innocent, I'm just a mommy blogger" mindset. But then she sleeps with her dead-bestfriend-husband?
Whereas Emily, is definitely one of the bad guy, yet she is also (kinda) a good mother. She loves her son, that's for sure. But then again, she is very complex. Emily is such a fun character because she is batshit crazy and basically a psychopath (tho one might argue she's a sociopath since she is very close to her sister and her son).  
Sean is just a waste of time. I'm not sure why the writer decides to use a couple chapters based on his POV. I mean, I guess it shows just how much of a maniac and a manipulator Emily is. But then at the end he just does whatever Emily wants? Like, okay. If the writer gives him a spine at the end or just kill him off, that would have been more interesting, IMHO.
All in all, A Simple Favour is a decent psychological thriller. It definitely has Gone Girl vibes, which in inevitable whenever there's a wife faked their death, these days. But it's still a page-turner and the pacing is good. I do had trouble to find a character to root for, so I gave up and decided to just root for the poor kids. I wouldn't recommend this to people who doesn't like to read, but if you're a book worm, this one worth the time :)

The last but surely not the last is my Christmas decorations at home! See more about them by clicking here.

And those are my favorites on the December month! Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great week ahead.


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