What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear : Casual Version

Photo is from Clueless movie by Paramount Pictures
Hi, guys!
I am one of those girls with a closet full of clothes and I still have one of those days of "I have nothing to wear"at least once a week. It's a weird thing with us, girls. I once saw a quote that it's not like we literally have nothing to wear, it's just that there's no clothes in there that depicts who we want to be that day.
I supposed that's partially true; when it comes to casual setting, it's actually more challenging. I mean, for a wedding, you throw on your favorite flowy dress, for an interview, you put on your favourite shirt and blazer combo. But for just grabbing coffee with friends? And then grocery shopping after that; what do one's wear that is cute but not looking too extra in the supermarket aisle?
Worry not, I'm here to give you some insights.

My favorite combo for those days are a white top (or a white t-shirt, if thats what you have) with my favorite skinny boyfriend jeans. My top is old from Lookboutique Store and my jeans is from Uniqlo last year. I believe you can still buy them.
I love white tops despite my innate inability to keep them clean all day; it instantly brings this brightness to your face. While light washed jeans also makes you look younger and more fun.
So now that we have this blank canvas, all you have to do is accessorizing.

For a slightly dressier event; like the brunch is someplace rather fancy; you can definitely dress up this top and jeans combo with the right bag and the right heels.

shawl - unbranded bought in Bangkok // necklaces - H&M // watch - Michael Kors // bag - Gucci // heels- Valentino
I love how the tone of the outfit can be easily changed with your choice of bag and shoes.  A quilted bag with chain strap is fancy so the bag elevates the whole outfit. As well as the studded heels do. Add a soft beige shawl for a softer layered look to add extra fashion points. For the next trip to the supermarket you can easily change your heels to a nude flats and voila. If you don't believe in bringing a change of shoes (I usually just put them in a paper bag, kinda like I just shopped for a new shoes!); you should definitely try it. It's life-changing and your feet will thank you.

Layered necklace is dainty yet youthful. I love layering necklace for white or black solid tops.

jacket - old Zara (2016) // neck scarf - H&M last year // Pingo bag - Find Kapoor // white sneakers - Adidas Stan Smith

For a brunch and then a day of exploring the city or in my case cafe hopping, or if you just prefer cool girl vibe, switch the shawl to a leather jacket. I also changed the bag and shoes to something more laid-back and the result is a more relaxed outfit. I also add a tiny red scarf for a splash of color that matches my red lip.

In conclusion, a white top (better it be a shirt or a t-shirt) with light washed jeans is always a good idea. It's all a matter of tailored accessorising to match your personality and the event you're participating.

I do hope this post to be useful since I want to do another one with a dressier version.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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