Haluu World Art Exhibition Jakarta Review

dress- Zara // Pingo bag - Find Kapoor // heels - Zara // watch - Calvin Klein
Hi, guys!
I hope this post is not too late since this exhibition will end at March 3rd 2019. You still have a month and a half to visit so chop chop!

Haluu is an art exhibition located at Plaza Indonesia Mall Level 5, Jakarta. They open everyday from 10AM to 9PM (last entry). According to them, Haluu is a whimsical playground of absurdity and nonsense. Explore rooms and rooms of color explosion and playful characters for a memorable day of fun and amusing photo opportunity. Entrance fee is Rp. 100k or around US$8. It's not bad I guess, you get 13 different themed spots to take outfit pics so overall you paid less than a dollar for one spot. 

My husband and I got there around 11AM and we waited for one person in front of us to buy a ticket. After you got your ticket, you need to queue once more to get in. There were two groups in front of us and we waited about 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure they only let around 15 people per 15 minutes to avoid overcrowding since each spot is rather small.

As soon as we walked in, there's a staff waiting for us explaining a little bit about the rules. It's pretty much the same "do not intentionally broke the props; please queue patiently; you can ask any of the staff to take your pics;" you know the usual stuff. However, there is one specific rule; that you cannot go back to the exhibit you already left behind. So make sure to take as many pictures as you want in one spot since you can't go back. 

He's carrying my change of shoes since I only wear heels for pics LOL. So that's a little BTS for ya.
First you walked through this narrow colourful alley that ended up in the floating upside down giraffe heads. Which right after the flower wall, is my fave

I find this giraffe heads floating to be very very interesting. Not to mention it's upside down; kinda remind of a happier cuter Upside Down world (Stranger Things, anyone?). So for each spot, there is one or two staff who would be happy to take your pics for you. Most of them are girls and all were very friendly and seemed to know her/his way around even sophisticated camera and all types of phones. I applaud them for the staff selection. I brought my personal photographer aka le husband so I didn't really need the staff help.

After the giraffe, there's this yellow brick path forest and it wasn't interesting to me so I skipped it. From the yellow brick, there's a giant octopus (not pictured) and the Overgrowth where it's basically a wall of overgrown leaves. And there's also a wishing well. I didn't take any pics since none of those interest me. So I just kinda look and moved on. We were in a bit of a rush since I wanted to make sure we get out at 12.30 PM for lunch and avoid the rush hour (around 2PM is ideal) back to Bandung.

I was however, interested in Infinity Poo room. Luckily, we only waited for one group. As per usual, you're only allowed 30 seconds inside. I went to the infinity room at Yayoi Kusama exhibit so I know the drill. The trick is, to just forgo your camera and go with your phone. LOL. I tried the camera in Yayoi and we ended up spent 15 seconds just for settings.

The room is smaller than the Yayoi' ones, altho granted, there's no water here. Worry not, it wasn't smelly at all. The poo seems to be made of resin or something like that. When you got out from the room, you can take poo-shaped-chocolate! It was super cute but not very tasty. Granted, it was free so might as well grab one. . I do have to say the infinity room is a bit hotter and the air feels stuffier than the outside. All of the exhibitions have air-con but it wasn't chilly at all. It was just the right temperature; altho it may get hot if there were more people inside.

From the poo room, there were a couple more exhibition. There's also Sand of Posibli where you get in a sort of plastic globe and inside there's this confetti which then the staff will turn on the fan inside so you do have some sort of an inside globe moment. It looks real fun but there's a line and I wasn't that interested anyway, my only goal is to see the wall of roses. LOL. You can say, I'm a very focused person.

And finally! The wall of roses! I was so giddy and I forgot to help le husband set the camera that it turns out most of the pics are blurred. But that's all right, all I need is one or two beautiful pics and we got it. The wall is actually quite huge. It's about 3 meter high and about 8 meter long so you can take pics anywhere you want but of course the corner is the most ideal (like I did here). Worry not, the flowers and leaves are all fake so it's not like super delicate and you can definitely touch them.

Right across the wall of roses is the bed of roses. There is quite a line and I waited about 10 minutes before it was finally my turn. Again, you only get 30 seconds but it was enough. I got a cute boomerang here that I posted on my story a few days ago. 

So the petals were some sort of fabric but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's soft and not plastic-y so that's a good thing; it makes it so much more realistic. It's light but not paper-light either. You definitely cannot miss this bed of roses. Too pretty! Also, the writing says "Kapan Nikah?" right above bridestory (the company that I assumed, funded this roses exhibition) which translates to "When are you getting married?".

Sorry for all the blurred pics but this is the best I have for the bed of roses. I saw other people go to the end of the bed and just take pics at the corner with the person taking it from a lower angle and it looks pretty too! Without the neon words.

From the roses, we were greeted by Carousel of Life. It says "Peer out of the world and watch as time ticks away, and take a joy ride on our Carousel of Life. Reminisce the precious moments you've been through. second by second, as the carousel spins and you dissolve yourself in this warm feelings in the deepest ravine of the mind. Hold on tight, because time waits for no one."
For this exhibit, I do love the concept. However, I am a bit disappointed by the expo, I kinda wish the carousel do turn, even it it's just like slow movement, it would have make the point more you know... driving the point home. The it chair is actually across the chair I'm sitting but there's a group of teenagers so I just took whichever chair that's free.

The next exhibit called Spectrum and it has hanging apples in all the colours of the rainbow. It's cute but it's not wow for me.

Another favorite of mine! And I think, the only exhibit le husband (kinda) like. It's called Fondest Memories and it revolves around noodles or as we Indonesian like to call it, Indomie. I don't think there is a single person in Indonesia who doesn't like Indomie; it's a staple, some might call it a way of living. 
I remember the cold swimming session followed by steaming hot Indomie; tight budget at the end of the month and then eating Indomie goring for dinner three times in a row; completely missed breakfast and forgot to order lunch, thus Indomie it is; and all those Indomie usually accompanied by those white crackers or as we call it; kerupuk. So I believed this exhibit truly gets us reminiscing over our fondest memories with Indomie.

The only time le husband smile throughout this entire exhibition. He's such a trooper for handling a camera whore like me ;D
So the stairs were not that high (you can definitely bring your one year old inside) and it was only half of a bowl but it's still enough for at least five people inside. The noodles were soft fabric-y like. Another fun boomerang moment here!
There were a little line for this but it was only two people in front of us.

And that is the end of this art exhibition! Overall, I did have fun (not so much fun for le husband) and I did still think it was a bit expensive, but for a one time thing, it really wasn't so bad. It took about a little over an hour for us to get to the end. 

Do notice we missed about half of the spots, so you might need double of that time if you want to take pics in all of the exhibits. Also, take accounts of the queue. I'd say you need about two hours in here. 

There's no bathroom whatsoever inside so you can't bring a change of clothes. Make sure to pee first before getting in. There's no wheelchair or stroller access either so do take notes about that. It was pretty hot with all the photo taking and the posing but I wasn't sweating (I'm real bad with cold weather tho). You can definitely bring kids and I think it's a good lesson about colours, shapes, queuing, appreciating art, and appreciating other people' personal space. 

Definitely avoid coming at weekend. We came in at Wednesday and it was pretty crowded. I'd say came at weekdays right after the place is open. 1st batch is always the best in places like this.

Well I do hope you find this post to be useful. Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a fine day ahead. 


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